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Healthy Avocado Toast
Enjoy our healthy avocado toast minimum of 6 Total Choices

pico de gallo avocado toast New! $6.49
moroccan guacamole toast with egg New! $6.99
goat cheese avocado toast New! $7.49
mexican grilled corn avocado toast New!
avocado toast with feta cheese & mint New! $6.49
autumn avocado toast New! $6.99
smoked salmon avocado with red onions New! $9.49
protein packed avocado toast New! $6.99
feta cheese scallions avocado toast New! $6.49
nutty avocado toast New! $6.99
Quinoa Breakfast 

Quinoa is a complete protein source from a plant.
Enjoy our Healthy Quinoa minimum of 6 guest per choice
Athens Style New! $6.99
The Savory New! $6.99
Southwestern New! $6.99
Breakfast Platters
Tasty Breakfast Platter $5.49
Smoked Norwegian Salmon Platter $12.99
Mini Bagel Platter $4.49
Breakfast Tea Sandwiches $8.49
Lite and Fit Breakfast
whole fruit basket $4.99
Tropical Fresh Fruit Salad $4.99
Hot Cereal Bar $5.99
Carved Fruit & Mixed Berries $5.99
Low-fat Parfait $5.99
Hearty Breakfast
Breakfast Buffet $12.99
Breakfast Quesadillas $7.49
Jumbo English Muffins $7.49
Grilled Whole Wheat Breakfast Wraps $6.99
Griddle Delights
Griddle Delights $5.99
Create Your Own Omelette Bar
Made to order egg omelette for your breakfast meeting or brunch at your office.
Create Your Own Omelette Bar $21.99
We are currently closed, but you may order in advance.
June 16, 2019
Mon-Fri 9:00am-10:00pm
Saturday 9:00am-9:00pm
Sun Closed

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