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    Descriptions of Mexican Dishes

    Burrito (Bur-ree-toh)
    Flour tortilla rolled with seasoned filling and
    covered with burrito sauce and cheese.

    Chile Relleno (Chee-lay Ray-yay-noh)
    Poblano pepper stuffed with cheese and meat, dipped in
    egg batter, deep-fried and topped with cheese and sauce.

    Enchilada (En-chee-lah-dah)
    Tortilla rolled around seasoned fillings and covered
    with sauce and cheese.

    Frijoles Refritos (Free-hoh-lays Ray-free-tohs)
    Refried beans.

    Guacamole (Gwah-kah-moh-lay)
    Avocado salad.

    Nachos (Nah-chohs)
    Melted cheese with jalapeño peppers on toasted tortillas.

    Sopapillas (Soh-pah-pee-yahs)
    Flour dough that’s fried until puffed. Served with honey,
    cinnamon and butter.

    Tacos (Tah-kohs)
    Tortillas, folded and fried crisp, filled with meat.

    Tamal (Tah-mahl)
    Corn meal patty filled with chicken or pork and
    Mexican spices, steamed in a corn husk.

    Tostada (Tohs-tah-dah)
    Crispy-fried tortilla covered with beans, beef or
    chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese.

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