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November 27, 2020
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Sushi - Rolls & Chef Special Roll > Japanese Chef Special Rolls > Our Chef's Specials
Our Chef's Specials
JM1 Spider Roll - $10.95 - Soft shell crab, mayonnaise, cucumber, avocado and crab stick.
JM2 Dragon Roll - $11.95 - Thin sliced avocado over eel cucumber roll.
JM3 Rainbow Roll - $11.95 - Combination of fresh fish over California roll.
JM4 Long Island - $9.95 - Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado, tobiko & lettuce
JM5 Y2K - $15.95 - Whole eel on the top of special crunch California roll.
JM6 Diamond Roll - $13.25 - Salmon over tuna & yellowtail topped with salmon caviar.
JM7 Triple Dragon - $13.25 - Thin sliced avocado over tuna, salmon & yellowtail.
JM8 Ichiban - $13.25 - Spicy tuna & salmon, avocado with kambo seaweed.
JM9 Crazy Tuna - $13.95 - Black pepper tuna over spicy tuna roll.
JM10 Butterfly Tuna - $13.95 - Thin sliced tuna over spicy crunch tuna roll.
JM11 Lobster Roll - $13.25 - Crab stick, avocado over spicy lobster and cucumber.
JM12 Cherry Blossom - $13.95 - Tuna over salmon and avocado with tobiko.
JM13 Tang Sushi Roll - $13.25 - Spicy tuna with cucumber, spicy crispy crab stick outside.
JM14 Snow Mountain Roll - $13.25 - Tempura shrimp inside, crab stick, cucumber, tobiko with spicy sauce outside.
JM15 Romeo & Juliet Roll - $13.25 - Tempura shrimp inside, spicy tuna with crab stick outside.
JM16 Jersey Devil Roll - $13.25 - Fried spicy tuna with cream cheese and special sauce on top.
JM17 Midori Roll - $13.25 - Tuna, salmon and yellowtail with three different kinds of caviar on the top.