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Shogun Wok Middlesex
Great Asian Cusine
October 19, 2020
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JAPANESE CUISINE > Roll or Hand Roll
Roll or Hand Roll
JR1. California Roll - $4.50 - Avocado, Tobiko, crab cake and cumcumber
New JR01A. Sweet potato roll - $4.50 - Tempura sweet potatoes inside.
JR2. Boston Roll - $4.50 - Shrimp, tobiko, mayo and lettuce
JR3. Alaska Roll - $4.50 - Cooked salmon, avocado and cucumber
JR4. Eel Roll - $5.75 - Cooked eel, avocado and cucumber
JR6. Avocado & Cucumber Roll - $4.25
JR7. Tuna Roll - $4.50 - Tuna, seaweed outside
JR8. Yellowtail Roll - $4.50 - Yellowtail, scallion and seaweed outside
JR9. Cucumber Roll - $3.25 - Cucumber and seaweed outside
JR10. Kani Roll - $4.25 - Crab cake and seaweed outside
JR12. Spicy Tuna Roll - $4.75 - Tuna, house spicy sauce
JR13. Spicy Salmon Roll - $4.75 - Salmon, house spicy sauce
JR14. Spicy Shrimp Roll - $4.50 - Shrimp, cucumber and house spicy sauce
JR15. Tempura Roll - $6.25 - Tempura shrimp, cucumber and tobiko
JR16. American Roll - $6.50 - Crab cake, tempura shrimp, tobiko, cucumber & avocado
JR17. Philadelphia Roll - $5.75 - Smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber
JR18. Salmon Roll - $4.50 - Salmon, seaweed outside
JR19. Crispy Kani Roll - $5.25 - Crab stick, spicy mayo sauce, crispy tempura powder inside.
JR20. Christmas Roll - $5.75 - Tuna, avocado, tobiko outside
JR21. Avocado Roll - $4.50
JR23, Majic Roll - $6.50 - Tempura Shrimp, egg, lettuce, tobiko, seaweed outside
JR24. Dragon Roll - $10.45 - Cooked eel, avocado, cucumber inside, avocado outside
JR25. Rainbow Roll - $9.95 - Crab cake, avocado, cucumber inside & Tuna, salmon, white fish outside
JR26. Spider Roll - $10.25 - Soft shell crab, avocado, tobiko and cucumber
JR27. M16 Roll - $11.00 - Tempura shrimp, asparagus, salmon outside w. spicy sauce
JR28. Shogun Roll - $11.00 - Shrimp, kani, avocado, cucumber inside & Avocado, tuna outside w. seaweed salad
JR29. Kamikaze Roll - $11.00 - Spicy salmon, cucumber, avocado inside, sesame seed w. green tobiko outside
JR30. Spicy Supreme Roll - $9.00 - Spicy tuna outside, California inside
JR31. Golden Dragon Roll - $10.00 - Eel, avocado, cucumber inside, eel on top
JR32. Salmon, Avocado Roll - $11.00 - Salmon, avocado, mayo inside, salmon, avocado on top.
New! JR34. Super Crunchy Roll - $10.25 - Tempura shrimp, egg, tobiko & seaweed salad inside, soy bean wrap outside.
JR35. Jade Roll - $10.50 - Spicy crunchy tuna, kani, egg, asparagus & tobiko inside, soy bean wrap outside.
JR36. Dream Roll - $9.50 - Crispy kani inside, tuna & white tuna outside.
JR37.Spicy Queens Roll - $9.50 - Tempura shrimp & cucumber inside, spicy crunchy tuna outside.
JR38. Fantastic Roll - $11.00 - Spicy crunchy salmon inside, white tuna, salmon, avocado & tobiko on top.
JR39. Sakura Roll - $11.00 - Spicy shrimp, cucumber, asparagus with crunchy inside, salmon and mayo outside.
New! JR40. Ocean Roll - $11.00 - Soybean paper wrap with the shrimp tempura, avocado inside, crabmeat salad crunch and masago on the top.
New! JR41. Hawaiian Roll - $10.50 - Tempura shrimp, egg , cream cheese inside, slice avocado piece on top with chef special white sauce.
New! JR42. Spicy Girl Roll - $9.75 - Spicy crunchy tuna inside, crabmeat stick on top with spicy sauce.
New! JR43. Dynamite Roll ( Tempura Roll) - $9.50 - Wrap salmon, tuna, white fish, avocado to fried with spicy and eel sauce.
New! JR44. Godzilla Roll (Tempura Roll) - $9.50 - Mix crab meat, shrimp, masago and mayonnaise to fried with eel sauce.
New! JR45. Volcano Roll (Tempura Roll) - $8.75 - Fried tuna, crabmeat with spicy eel sauce.
New! JR46 Scorpion Roll - $11.00 - Spicy Crabmeat & spicy tuna,crunchy inside,topped w.tiger shrimp & fish roe
New! JR47. Angry Dragon Roll - $10.25 - Two shrimp tempura,avocado & spicy tuna wrapped inside w.spicy crabmeat
New! JR48. Lobster King Roll - $11.75 - Soybean paper wrapped the tempura lobster meat,avocado,crabmeat inside,topped wi.tiger shrimp,masago,served w. ell & spicy mayo sauce.
JR49. Crazy Roll Heart Healty JR49. Crazy Roll - $10.50 - Wrap with jalapeno,yellowtail,tuna inside.and sliced salmon on the top with chef's spicy sauce.