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Lunch Special

HEALTHY DIET LUNCH SPECIAL (10:30a.m - 3:00p.m)







Soup (with fried noodles)

Chow Mein (with rice and noodles)

Chop Suey (with rice)

Lo Mein (no rice)

Chow Fun or Mei Fun (no rice)

Fried Rice

Egg Foo Young

Sweet and Sour (with rice)

Moo Shi Specialties

Vegetarian Choices (with rice)

Seafood (with rice)

Pork (with rice)

Poultry (with rice)

Beef (with rice)

Chef Specialties (with rice)

Combination Platter with Pork F. Rice & Egg roll

Special Diet Menu

Fried Specialties

Side Order

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Appetizer & Soup
M3. Popia Goreng Ipoh (2pcs.) - $3.95 - Deep fried roll with shrimp, chicken and vegetables with house garlic sauce.
M9. Bean Curd Mushroom Chicken & Shrimp Soup (Pt.) - $3.95
M10. Vegetable Soup (Pt.) - $3.45
M11. Hot and Sour Soup (Pt.) - $3.95

Beef & Chicken Dishes
Spicy M12. Kari Daging Zaman Moden - $11.95 - Slice beef with tomato & onion in special Malaysian curry sauce.
Spicy M14. Daging Pantai Johor Bahru - $11.95 - Slice beef with hot pepper, scallion, ginger and onion.
M16. Kari Ayam Zaman Moden - $10.75 - White meat chicken with tomatoes, onion in a special malaysian curry sauce.
M17. Ayam Masak Pedas - $10.75 - Hot and spicy chicken with red pepper, ginger and scallion.
M19. Ayam Halia Kwangtung - $10.75 - Stir fried chicken with lots of ginger, mushroom and scallion in oyster sauce.
M21. Ayam dan Nenas Sarawak - $12.75 - Sweet and sour chicken with lots of pineapple.
M22. Ayam Masam Manis Seberang Perai - $12.75 - Slice white meat chicken fried till golden brown sauteed with sweet and sour Chef Special sauce.

Seafood Dishes
New!Spicy M24. Kari Udang Bersizzler - $14.50 - Shrimp w. tomato & onion in special Malaysian curry sauce.
M25. Udang Goreng Tepung Labuan - $14.50 - Deep fried battered shrimp served with sweet chilli sauce.
M26. Matahari Udang - $14.50 - Hot and spicy shrimp with hot red pepper, scallion and ginger.
M28. Makanan Laut Istimewa - $14.75 - Seafood combination of shrimp, scallop, lobster, squid & mussel cooked with sweet chilli sauce.

Vegetable Dishes
M32. Sayur Campur Cameron Highlands - $8.95 - Stir fried mixed vegetables with white sauce
M34. Terung Berlada Terengganu - $8.95 - Eggplant with garlic sauce
M35. Tau Hu Yap Ah Loy - $8.95 - Braised bean curd with mushroom, snow peas, carrots, leeks, baby corn and napa.
New!Spicy M36. Kari Sayur Sayuran - $9.95 - Fried bean curd, string bean, onion and tomato in special Malaysian curry sauce.
M37. Sayur Brokoli Masak Tofu Dan Cendawan - $8.95 - Sauteed bean curd and mushroom with broccoli.

Rice & Noodles
M41. Nasi Goreng Desaru - $8.95 - Spicy fried rice cooked with vegetables, shirmp and chicken
M42. Nasi Goreng Nenas Sarawak - $8.95 - Fried rice with shrimp and pineapple and baby corn.
M43. Nasi Goreng Antarabangsa - $8.95 - House fried rice with mixed veggie, shrimp, chicken, beef and crab meat.
M46. Mee Siam Pattaya - $10.35 - Stir fried noodle with shrimp and chicken with chilli and egg, hot pepper and scallion sprinkle.
M47. Singapore Mee Fun - $10.35 - Stir fried noodle with red and green pepper, chicken, shrimp, pork, bean sprout and scallion with curry flavor.
M49. Penang Kueh Teow - $8.95 - Stir fried broad noodles with shrimp, bean sprout, chives, scallion and egg.
M50. Mee Goreng Raju - $8.95 - Malaysian lo mein with bean curd, egg, shrimp, green pepper, tomato and bean sprout.
M53. Mee Goreng Cina - $15.50 - Seafood pan fried noodle