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Catering Menu > Catered Pasta Tins
Catered Pasta Tins
Priced per person - Min 8 for catering discount - Pasta Tins include extra sauce on the side - Pasta Tins include Romano cheese on the side (except for alfredo & pesto cream) - Pasta Tins Do Not Include Salad
Buttered Pasta Tin - $4.50 (Non-taxable)
Marinara Pasta Tin - $4.50 (Non-taxable) - a light & flavorful tomato sauce simmered with onions, fresh garlic, & Italian spices
Pesto Pasta Tin - $5.00 (Non-taxable) - fresh basil, Romano, garlic, & pine nuts blended in olive oil
Pesto Cream Pasta Tin - $5.50 (Non-taxable) - a mix of pesto and alfredo
Garlic & Oil Pasta Tin - $5.50 (Non-taxable) - sauteed fresh garlic & extra virgin olive oil
Tomato Basil Pasta Tin - $6.00 (Non-taxable) - fresh garlic & olive oil tossed with cherry tomatoes & fresh basil
Alfredo Pasta Tin - $5.50 (Non-taxable) - a creamy blend of Romano & Parmesan cheeses
Spicy Abruzzi Pasta Tin - $6.00 (Non-taxable) - a spicy blend of roasted red peppers & cream
Pink Sauce Pasta Tin - $6.00 (Non-taxable) - half marinara & half alfredo
Spaghetti Pie Tin - spaghetti base layered with Italian sausage, onions, provolone, & marinara, then baked - our version of lasagna
Alfredo Chicken & Broccoli Pasta Tin - $8.00 (Non-taxable) - grilled chicken & broccoli tossed in creamy Alfredo sauce
White Clam Sauce Pasta Tin - $7.75 (Non-taxable) - homemade clam sauce
Cheese Ravioli Pasta Tin - $6.25 (Non-taxable) - delicious cheese filled pasta topped with marinara sauce
Meat Ravioli Pasta Tin - $6.25 (Non-taxable) - meat filled pasta topped with marinara sauce
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May 19, 2019

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