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The New Olive Branch
Breakfast till 10:00am
We are currently closed, but you may order in advance.
June 18, 2019
Mon-Fri 6:30am-4:00pm
Saturday 8:00am-2:00pm
Sun Closed
Breakfast Menu

Fresh Fruit Smoothies

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Yogurt & Homemade Parfaits

Homemade Soups

Fresh Green Salads

Prepared Salads

Entrees and Specials

Sides (with entree style Vegetables)

Create Your Own Sandwich

Classic Sandwiches

Specialty Sandwiches

Specialty Wraps


Char-Broiled Burgers

Hot Grilled Specialty Sandwiches

Hot Grilled Specialty Wraps


Nuts & Candy



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Create Your Own Smoothie Create Your Own Smoothie

Select your base and three ingredients plus any extras

Comments/Special Instructions:

Please make your selections below:
Smoothie Size
Large Smoothie (20 oz) ($8.50)
CYO Smoothie Base
Select one base for your smoothie
Fresh Squeeze Orange Juice (smoothies)
100% Mango Juice (smoothie)
100% Acai Juice (smoothies)
Organic Soymilk (smoothies)
Coconut Juice (smoothie)
Milk - Regular (smoothies)
Milk - non fat (smoothies)
Spring Water (smoothies)
Ice Green Tea (smoothies)
Smoothie Choices (Choose up to 3)
Select three ingredients
Blueberries (smoothies)
Strawberries (smoothies)
Fresh Mango (smoothies)
Raspberries (smoothies)
Blackberries (smoothies)
Bananas (smoothies)
Apples (smoothies)
Non-fat Vanilla Yogurt (smoothies)
Non-fat Strawberry Yogurt (smoothies)
Pineapples (smoothies)
CYO Smoothie Extras
Select as many as you like
Honey (smoothie extra)
Peanut Butter (smoothie extra)
Cinnamon (smoothie extra)
Almonds (smoothie extra)
Non-fat Vanilla Yogurt (smoothie extra) ($0.75)
Non-fat Strawberry Yogurt (smoothie extra) ($0.75)
Raspberries (smoothie extra) ($0.75)
Blackberries (smoothie extra) ($0.75)
Blueberries (smoothie extra) ($0.75)
Strawberries (smoothie extra) ($0.75)
Bananas (smoothie extra) ($0.75)
Pineapples (smoothie extra) ($0.75)
Apples (smoothie extra) ($0.75)
Fresh Mango (smoothie extra) ($0.75)