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Pasta Bowls<br>& Family Trays Pasta Bowls
& Family Trays

Comfort food when you want it!
  • Just for You!
  • Or the Entire Family!

Pasta Bowls
New! Build Your Own Pasta Bowls! - $5.99 (Non-taxable) - Includes: Rotini Pasta, your choice of Sauce and your choice of 1 Meat.
  • Additional Meat $.50 each
  • SAUCES: Alfredo, Pizza or Queso Sauce
  • MEATS: Chicken Sausage or Meatballs
Alfredo Pasta Bowl - $4.99 (Non-taxable)
Pizza Pasta Bowl - $4.99 (Non-taxable)
Queso Pasta Bowl - $4.99 (Non-taxable)
Chicken Alfredo Pasta Bowl - $5.99 (Non-taxable)
Buffalo Chicken Pasta Bowl - $5.99 (Non-taxable)
Pizza Sausage Pasta Bowl - $5.99 (Non-taxable)
Pizza Meatball Pasta Bowl - $5.99 (Non-taxable)

Family Size Pasta Trays
Family Size Alfredo Pasta Tray - $19.99 (Non-taxable)
Family Size Pizza Pasta Tray - $19.99 (Non-taxable)
Family Size Queso Pasta Tray - $19.99 (Non-taxable)
Family Size Chicken Alfredo Pasta Tray - $24.99 (Non-taxable)
Family Size Buffalo Chicken Pasta Tray - $24.99 (Non-taxable)
Family Size Pizza Sausage Pasta Tray - $24.99 (Non-taxable)
Family Size Pizza Meatball Pasta Tray - $24.99 (Non-taxable)
February 25, 2018


Saturday & Sunday

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