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Buffalo Sticks (Non-taxable)
Buffalo Sticks Description:
Dipping Sauce: Pizza Sauce, Garlic Butter, Buffalo Dip or Ranch Dressing
Additional Sauce $.50 each.

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8" Buffalo Sticks ($3.99) 12" Buffalo Sticks ($7.99) 14" Buffalo Sticks ($9.99)

Please Select
No Sauce Pizza Sauce Garlic Butter Sauce
Buffalo Dip Ranch Dressing  

Please Select
1 Extra Pizza Sauce ($0.50) 2 Extra Pizza Sauces ($1.00) 3 Extra Pizza Sauce ($1.50)
1 Extra Garlic Butter ($0.50) 2 Extra Garlic Butter Sauces ($1.00) 3 Extra Garlic Butter ($1.50)
1 Extra Buffalo Dip ($0.50) 2 Extra Buffalo Dip ($1.00) 3 Extra Buffalo Dip ($1.50)
1 Extra Ranch Dressing ($0.50) 2 Extra Ranch Dressing ($1.00) 3 Extra Ranch Dressing ($1.50)

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Buffalo Sticks (Non-taxable)
July 16, 2018


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