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Full Menu > Custom Made Pizza
Custom Made Pizza Custom Made Pizza
  • Includes one Topping!
You will love our custom made pizzas. Made with fresh ingredients from our store, quality pizza cheese, authentic hoagie rolls and our Italian family recipe, Máka Mia Pizza Sauce!
<font size=3>3 Medium<br>2 Topping Pizzas</font> New!Sale on this Item!Save 3 Medium
2 Topping Pizzas
- $19.99 (Non-taxable) - 3 Delicious Pizzas at a Great Value! After selecting the 2 included Toppings - Build each pizza the way you want it!
8" Small Pizza - $3.99 (Non-taxable) - Extra Toppings $.25
12" Medium Pizza - $7.99 (Non-taxable) - Extra Toppings $.50
14" Large Pizza - $9.99 (Non-taxable) - Also available as Thin Crust. Extra Toppngs $.75
16" X-Large Pizza - $12.99 (Non-taxable) - Extra Toppings $1.00
January 15, 2019


Saturday & Sunday

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