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Lili's 57 Closed
July 19, 2019
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Chef's Special Rolls
J16. Dragon Roll - $15.95 - California roll topped with eel, avocado & caviar.
J17. Dragon Fly - $16.95 - Shrimp tempura, mango topped with caviar, eel, avocado, eel sauce and wasabi sauce.
J18. Lili's Roll - $16.95 - 12 pieces of raw fish, caviar, kani, wrapped in seaweed & lightly filled with tempura, topped with caviar, crunch with seaweed salad & special sauce.
J19. Tiger Roll - $16.95 - Tuna, yellowtail, salmon with avocado, caviar, crunch wrapped with white seaweed & served with seaweed salad, salmon roe.
J20. Rainbow - $15.95 - California roll topped with assorted raw fish, avocado, caviar.
J21. Manhattan Roll - $15.95 - Tempura shrimp with crab, scallion, mango topped with avocado & ponzu special sauce.
J22. Phoenix - $15.95 - Spicy salmon, avocado, crunch topped with spicy tuna, bonito flakes, caviar.
J23. Mexican Roll - $15.95 - Spicy tuna, avocado topped with spicy salmon and crunch, caviar.
J24. Spicy Tuna Sandwich - $16.95 - Spicy tuna, broiled eel, avocado, caviar, crunch.
25. Tuna Lover - $15.95 - Spicy tuna w/avocado, topped w/fresh tuna & pomagranate vinaigrette
25B. Garden Roll - $13.95 - Sweet potato tempura, scallions, topped w/premium evo & toasted sesame seeds
25C. Lobster Roll - $18.95 - Shrimp tempura topped with lobster salad