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July 11, 2020
Shabbos Takeout Available Thursdays

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Shabbos Takeout Available Thursdays > Shabbos Packages
Shabbos Packages 
Shabbos Package for One (2 Meals) - $55.00 - Friday Night Includes: Challah Rolls, Dip, Appertizer, Soup, Main, Side, Vegetable, & Dessert Shaboos Lunch Includes: Challah Rolls, Dip, Fish, Chulent, Chicken, Deli, Salad, Dessert
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Friday Night Dinner for two - $46.50 - Included: Challah Rolls, Tomato Dip, Coleslaw, Sliced Pickles Soup, Appetizer, Main, Salad, Side Dish, Dessert
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Shabbos Lunch for Two - $48.50 - Include: Challah Rolls, Chummas, Gefilte Fish, Kugel, Chulent, Chicken, Sliced Deli, Choice of 2 Salads, Dessert
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