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June 25, 2019
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Breakfast Combinations

Traditional Breakfast - $6.25 - An assortment of fresh bagels, muffins, scones and pastries garnished with seasonal fruit & berries. Served with butter, cream cheese and fruit preserves.
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Executive Breakfast - $10.95 - An assortment of freshly baked danishes, muffins, croissants and bagels, heavily garnished with sliced fruit and berries. Includes coffee or tea and freshly squeezed orange juice. Served with butter, cream cheese and fruit preserve.
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Basket Of Bagels - $4.25 - An assortment of oven-fresh bagels. Served with cream cheese, fruit preserves and butter
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Sweet Breakfast - $5.95 - An assortment of fresh baked cupcakes and donuts with an assortment of frosting
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Smoked Salmon Platter - $14.95 - Hand sliced Nova Scotia smoked salmon with tomatoes, red onions, capers and lemon slices. Served with freshly baked bagels and cream cheese.
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Morning Breakfast Sandwiches - $8.95 - An assortment of mini breakfast sandwiches.
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Oatmeal Breakfast - $5.95 - Creamy oatmeal drizzed with honey and Sprinkled with brown sugar. Served with fresh fruit and granola.
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Healthy Breakfast - $8.50 - Choice of vanilla or strawberry low fat yogurt served with seasonal fresh fruit and healthy granola
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Breakfast Wraps - $9.95 - Served w/ hot sauce or salsa
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Omelette Bar - $10.95 - A pan fried omlette with your choice of seasonal vegetables and cheeses.Served with mini bagels and cream cheese.(Please create your omlette in the special instruction box).
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Vermont Breakfast - $9.95 - Choice of French toast or pancakes. Served with maple syrup.Includes coffee or tea.
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Hearty Breakfast - $12.95 - Hot scrambled eggs with a choice of bacon or sausage. Served with homefries,bagels, croissants and rolls. Served with butter, cream cheese and fruit preserves. Turkey bacon available upon request
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