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August 20, 2018
Mon-Fri 7:00am-4:00 pm
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Soup Soup
Artichoke Bisque - $7.25 - Artichoke Bottoms, Vegetable Stock, Aromatics, Garlic & Oregano Crumb sprinkle
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Tomato Pastini - $7.25 - Miniature Pasta, Vegetable Stock, Fresh Tomatoes
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Asparagus & Leek - $7.25 - Asparagus, Leeks, Vegetable Stock
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Long Island Corn Chowder - $7.25 - Long Island Corn, Potatoes, Vegetable Stock, Sour Cream & Scallion drizzle
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Gazpacho (Cold) Gazpacho (Cold) - $7.25 - Fresh Tomatoes, Cucumber, EVOO, Vinegar
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Carrot Ginger Lime - $7.25 - Carrots... Leeks... Ginger... fresh squeezed Lime Juice... Vegetable Stock
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Yellow Split Pea - $7.25 - Small diced Mirepoix...small diced Smoked Ham... Yellow Split Peas... Chicken Stock
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Bangkok Lentil - $7.25 - Lentils... Potatoes... Thai Green Curry Coconut Milk... Peanut Puree... Vegetable Stock
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Tortellini in Bone Broth - $7.25 - Beef Bones/ Mirepoix/ Spoonful Aromatic/ Tortellini Optional
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Classic French Onion - $7.25 - Onions, Veal & Chicken Stock, Aromatics, 3-Cheese Crostini Melt (Gruyere, Provolone, Grana Padano.
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Lobster Bisque (Friday's only) Lobster Bisque (Friday's only) - $8.25 - Made with Fresh Lobster... NO Cream
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Veg & Bean Chili Veg & Bean Chili - $7.25 - So hearty and thick with chunky vegetables and beans & Tomato stock
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Chicken & Vegetable Soup - $7.25 - Pulled Chicken, Chicken Stock, Vegetables, Aromatics. All Soups made in House.
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