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Wraps Wraps
Served with side pasta or red skinned potato salad & cole slaw
15. Falafel & Hummus - $11.00 - with Israeli Salad & Tahini in Pita or Grilled Wrap
16.Tuna Fish Salad & Roasted Pepper - $13.00 - with Arugula and Calmata Olive Aioli
17. Avocado & Grilled Chicken Breast Wrap - $14.00 - with Crisp Lettuce, Tomato & Creamy Honey Mustard in a Wrap
18. Chicken Shawarma - $14.00 - with Hummus, Israeli Salad & Tahini in a Wrap
19. Chipotle Cajun chicken Caesar Wrap - $14.00 - With Romaine Lettuce, Rice, Black Bean, Corn, Tomato Salsa, Guacamolie & Creamy Caesar Dressing in a Wrap
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