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Catering Menu Catering Menu
All Day Agendas
Recommended to serve 6 or more.
The Metropolitan $15.99
The Cosmopolitan $20.99
Take a Break
Veggie Fresco Selection Small $34.99
Fresh Fruit Selection Small $47.99
Boxed Lunches
Each box includes a gourmet sandwich, chips, cookie plus napkin, utensils and condiments on the side.

We are happy to accommodate your specific tastes. Please enter any special requests in the comments box on each item.

Thank you.
Signature Sandwich Box Lunches $9.79
Classic Box $8.59
Boxed Half & Half Combos
Each box includes napkins, utensils and condiments on the side.
Everyday Sandwich & Salad Combos
Half Sandwich & Salad Boxed Combo $9.59
Monday Soup, Sandwich & Salad Combos
Monday Soup & Sandwich Boxed Combo $9.59
Monday Soup & Salad Boxed Combo $9.59
Tuesday Soup, Sandwich & Salad Combos
Tuesday Soup & Sandwich Boxed Combos $9.59
Tuesday Soup & Salad Boxed Combo $9.59
Wednesday Soup, Sandwich & Salad Combos
Wednesday Soup & Sandwich Boxed Combo $9.59
Wednesday Soup & Salad Boxed Combo $9.59
Thursday Soup, Sandwich & Salad Combos
Thursday Soup & Sandwich Boxed Combo $9.59
Thursday Soup & Salad Boxed Combo $9.59
Friday Soup, Sandwich & Salad Combos
Friday Soup & Sandwich Boxed Combo $9.59
Friday Soup & Salad Boxed Combo $9.59
Saturday Soup, Sandwich & Salad Combos
Saturday Soup & Sandwich Boxed Combo $9.59
Saturday Soup & Salad Boxed Combo $9.59
Sandwich & Wrap Trays
Includes condiments, utensils, plates and napkins. Trays are designed for eight or more guests.
Chicken Salad $6.69
The Signature Sandwich Selection $8.99
Turkey Bacon Avocado $8.49
The COMPLETE Signature Sandwich Selection $14.99
Turkey Cranberry $8.49
The Classic Sandwich Selection $7.79
Wrap Tray New!Spicy $8.99
The COMPLETE Classic Selection $13.99
Panini Tray $8.99
Piccolo Sandwich Tray (small) $42.99
Piccolo Sandwich Tray (Large) $82.99
Quality Cuts & Cheeses $8.79
Salad Trays
Group style is recommended to serve 4 or more.
All salads are served with fresh-baked bread.
Fresh Fruit Selection Small $47.99
Italian Pasta Salad - Group Style $2.49
House Salad-Group Style $4.59
Caesar Salad - Group Style $4.59
Balsamic Bleu Salad-Group Style $5.49
Chopstix Chicken Salad - Group Style $5.59
Trio Salad - Group Style $6.99
Greek Salad - Group Style $4.59
Red Potato Salad - Group Style $2.49
Soup schedule changes daily. Please check the day of the week when ordering soup.
Quart of Soup $13.99
Thursday Loaf of Soup $6.09
Group Soups $54.99
Thursday Bowl of Soup $4.99
Monday - Loaf of Soup $6.09
Friday Loaf of Soup $6.09
Monday Bowl of Soup $4.99
Friday Bowl of Soup $4.99
Tuesday Loaf of Soup $6.09
Saturday Loaf of Soup $6.09
Tuesday Bowl of Soup $4.99
Saturday Bowl of Soup $4.99
Wednesday Loaf of Soup $6.09
Sunday Bowl of Soup $4.99
Wednesday Bowl of Soup $4.99
Sunday Loaf of Soup $6.09
Dessert Trays
Delicious desserts - your choice of flavors in whole cheese cakes or one of our dessert trays.
Mini Collection of Sweet Treats $2.59
Assorted Sweets Tray $2.69
Baker's Dozen Cookies $18.99
Cookie Tray $1.99
King Cake $18.99
Catering Beverages
Gallon of OJ $9.99
Assorted Canned Drinks $1.69
Small Cambros of Coffee $44.99
Bottled Water $1.69
Gallon of Tea $8.99
Bottled Apple Juice $2.69
Gallon of Lemonade $9.99
Bottled Orange Juice $2.69
Box of Fresh Gourmet Coffee $16.99
Breakfast Trays
Hot Breakfast Tray $4.99
Wholegrain Irish Oatmeal $3.99
Stone Ground Grits $2.99
Sweet Soleil $2.99
Fresh Fruit Salad $4.99
We are currently closed, but you may order in advance.
August 22, 2017
Mon-Fri 6:00am - 9pm
Saturday 7am - 8pm
Sun 8am - 8pm

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