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Roll or Hand Rolls(Raw)
Spicy JR18. Kamikaze Roll - $11.05 - Spicy salmon,cucumber,avocado inside,sesame seed with tobiko outside.
JR19. Yellowtail Roll - $4.80 - Yellowtail,scallion and seaweed outside.
Spicy JR20. Spicy Tuna or Tuna Roll - $4.80 - Fresh tuna and house spicy sauce.
Spicy JR21. Spicy Salmon or Salmon Roll - $4.80 - Fresh salmon and house spicy sauce.
Spicy JR22. Spicy Shrimp Roll - $5.30 - Shrimp,cucumber and house spicy sauce.
Spicy JR23. M16 Roll - $11.25 - -Tempura shrimp,asparagus,salmon outside w spicy sauce.
JR24. Rainbow Roll - $10.05 - Crab cake, avocado, cucumber inside. Tuna, salmon & white fish outside.
JR25. Christmas Roll - $6.30 - Tuna,avocado inside,tobiko outside.
Spicy JR26. Spicy Supreme Roll - $8.05 - Spicy tuna outside,california inside.
JR27. Tokyo Delight Roll - $9.05 - Salmon,tuna,yellowtail inside, tobiko outside.
JR28. American Dream Roll - $10.25 - Spicy tuna, avocado inside, 3 different tobiko outside
JR29. Florida Roll - $9.55 - Carrot, cucumber, avocado inside. squid, avocado, tobiko outside
JR30. Oriental Special Roll - $10.25 - Spicy tuna, seaweed salad inside, tuna, avocado outside
JR31. Red Dragon Roll - $10.25 - Avocado, cucumber, crab cake and tuna
New!Spicy JR32.Spicy White Tuna - $4.80
January 21, 2019
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