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Salads Soup & Chili

Breakfast Menu

Sandwiches and Wraps

Sides and Drinks

Catering Menu
Catering Menu
Plates, napkins & utensils are included for all Catering Trays.
Free Delivery - Minimum order for delivery $50.00.
24 hour advanced ordering requested.
Signature Trays
Broad Street Sandwich or Wrap Tray $7.99
Seasonal Fruit Tray $4.50
Box Lunch
The Mayor $9.00
The Governor $10.75
The Senator $9.75
Salad Bowls
Broad Street House (minimum 8-10) $22.00
Classic Caesar Salad $3.50
Breakfast & Brunch Trays
Bagel Tray $2.00
Morning Favorites $4.00
Muffin Tray $2.75
Seasonal Fruit Tray Catered $4.50
Fresh Baked Cookie Tray $1.70
Catered Beverages
Coke (12 oz cans) $1.29
Water (20 oz. bottle) $2.00
Diet Coke (12 oz. can) $1.29
Coffee Service $2.50
All Bottle Drinks $2.00
November 28, 2020
Store Hours Mon - Fri
6:45am to 2:30pm

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