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Blake & Todd 47th December 5, 2020
Mon-Thursday 7:00am-3:00pm
Friday 7:00am-2:00pm

Sat & Sun closed
7 W 47th Street

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Price Fix Menu
10 person minimum
Soup Luncheon - $19.25
Daily soup (call for selection) & petit sandwich. Garden salad. Cookies & brownies. (10 person minimum)

Pizza Party - $18.00
Brick oven pizza (choose toppings). Chicken or eggplant parmesan party hero. Garden or caesar salad. Cookies & brownies. (10 person minimum)

Hot Pasta - $18.75
Choice of pasta from catering menu. Caesar salad. Homemade garlic bread. Cookies and brownies. (10 person minimum)

Mexican' - $21.00
Chicken, beef and vegetable fajitas. Spanish rice. Black beans with cilantro. Homemade tortilla chips with guacamole & salsa. Coconut custard pie. (10 person minimum)

Tuscan - $28.50
Lemon basil sautéed chicken. Pan seared sea bass with tomato fresh herb. sauce & crispy leeks. Roasted tomato risotto. Zucchini gratinee. Caesar salad. Italian cookies. (10 person minimum)

Asian Theme - $24.50
Steak teriyaki. Ginger chicken. Stir fry vegetables. Scallion fried rice. Mandarin green salad. Butter cookies & macaroons. (10 person minimum)

Southern Barbeque - $23.50
Fried chicken. BBQ ribs. Corn on the cob. Homemade biscuits. Homemade cole slaw. Apple pie. (10 person minimum)

Southwestern - $23.50
Grilled chipotle steak fajitas. Spicy smoked chicken enchiladas with cheese. Chorizo refried beans. Smoked baked three cheese pasta. Tortilla chips with guacamole & salsa. Pecan bars. (10 person minimum)

French - $25.75
Pan roasted Tilapia with roasted tomato sauce. Sautéed chicken with white wine truffle leek sauce. Glazed green beans with almond & caramelized shallots. Multi grain rice. Baby arugula with crispy shallots & grape tomatoes. Assorted mini mousses. (10 person minimum)

Italian* - $25.75
Shrimp scampi. Chicken parmesan. Rigatoni a la vodka. Caesar salad. Handmade garlic bread. Mini Italian pastries. (10 person minimum)

New York - $35.50
Sliced filet mignon. Grilled shrimp. Potato cakes. Creamed baby spinach. Mesclun salad. Assorted mini pastries. Bread & butter. (10 person minimum)

American - $20.00
Seasoned beef or turkey meatloaf with gravy. Oregano panko fried chicken. Corn & caramelized onion casserole. Baked chardonnay herb mac-n-cheese. Chocolate walnut & zebra brownies. (10 person minimum)

Japanese - $23.75
Roasted cod with lemongrass sauce. Sweet & sour chicken with peppers & pineapple. Glass noodles with vegetables scallions. Bok choy with ginger & garlic. Candied ginger rice pudding. (10 person minimum)

Middle Eastern Theme - $24.75
Lamb kabobs & chicken kabobs. Greens with feta, kalamata olives & cucumbers. Moroccan cous cous with grilled vegetables. Hummus and babaganoush with pita triangles. Baklava assortment. (10 person minimum)