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Blake & Todd 47th December 5, 2020
Mon-Thursday 7:00am-3:00pm
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7 W 47th Street

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CATERING MENU > Hot Pasta Entree
Hot Pasta Entree
5 person minimum
Lasagna - $13.50
Our classic Bolognese sauce baked with noodles, ricotta, handmade mozzarella & parmesan (5 person minimum)

Vegetable Lasagna - $12.25
Grilled vegetables baked with noodles, béchamel sauce, handmade mozzarella, ricotta & parmesan (5 person minimum)

Penne Pomodoro' - $11.50
Quills of pasta with tomato, fresh basil & shaved ricotta Salata (5 person minimum)

Baked Penne Sicilana - $12.00
Quills of pasta baked with eggplant, peppers & handmade mozzarella (5 person minimum)

Gemelli' - $11.50
Pasta twists with broccoli & parmesan in a garlic extra virgin olive oil sauce(5 person minimum)

Rigatoni a La Vodka - $11.50
Large tubes of pasta with a vodka tomato cream sauce (5 person minimum)

Wild Mushroom Risotto - $14.50
Arborio rice with wild mushrooms, herbs & imported parmesan (5 person minimum)

Fusilli Rustica - $11.50
Corkscrew pasta with grilled vegetables & roasted tomato sauce (5 person minimum)

Fusilli Primavera' - $11.50
Corkscrew pasta with vegetables in a lemon pepper cream sauce (5 person minimum)

Tortellini Alfredo - $12.75
Cheese tortellini in a cream sauce with imported parmesan (5 person minimum)

Rigatoni Bolognese - $13.50
Large tubes of pasta with a meat ragout of veal, pork & beef (5 person minimum)

Penne with Mushrooms - $12.50
Quills of pasta with wild mushrooms in an ivory sauce (5 person minimum)

Farfalle Mateo - $12.00
Bowtie pasta with roasted corn, asparagus, cherry tomato & roasted mushrooms in a white wine tarragon sauce (5 person minimum)

Farfalle Pesto - $12.00
Bowtie pasta with walnut arugula pesto, grilled vegetables & pecorino Pepato (5 person minimum)

Spinach and Cheese Ravioli - $12.75
Pillows of pasta filled with baby spinach & ricotta in a rose sauce with parmesan (5 person minimum)

Penne Amatriciana - $11.50
Quills of pasta with applewood smoked bacon & onions in a spicy tomato sauce(5 person minimum)

Orechiette - $12.75
“Little ears” of pasta with hot Italian sausage, plum tomatoes & broccoli(5 person minimum)