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Beverages > Gourmet Beverages & Specialty Coffees
Gourmet Beverages & Specialty Coffees Gourmet Beverages & Specialty Coffees
You may have your coffee with whipped cream, extra shot of espresso, extra shot of flavored syrup and all can be served iced. Just make your selection and add the extras you want!
Fresh-Brewed Coffee - $1.99 - Your choice of four flavors. Choose below.
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Hot Chocolate - $1.99 - Rich chocolate prepared with steamed milk & whipped cream
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Hot Tea - $2.99
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Espresso - $1.99 - A European classic of rich dark roast
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Cappuccino - $3.29 - Espresso blended with just the right amount of steamed and foamed milk to create a rich, creamy flavor.
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Flavored Latte - $3.99 - Available in one of four flavors. Choose below.
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Latte - $3.59 - Espresso blended with steamed milk.
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Caramel Macchiato - $3.59 - Prepared with Creamy Caramel, Steamed Milk and Topped with Wipped Cream
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Cafe Mocha - $3.59 - A latte with just the right amount of rich chocolate and topped with whipped cream.
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June 17, 2019
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